Because of Alex’s delay in speech, our pediatrician requested that we get his hearing tested, since this can be a cause of delay. “Better to find out now than when he’s 5”. So we scheduled the appointment with Children’s Hospital of WI, who specializes in testing children around Alex’s age. Someone told me what they had heard about how they test, so I figured this was going to fail miserably, given my son’s selective hearing. But then again, what child doesn’t have selective hearing?

Alex was not only a trooper, but cooperated perfectly, much to my surprise. First she asked me a few questions while he played on the floor. Then we put him in my lap (complete with toy) and she checked his ears. When she finished the first side, Alex actually turned his head to point his other ear towards her! Then she tested that his eardrums were vibrating with a special machine that they stick in the ears. And again, he turned his head for her. Then we headed into the testing room. My job was to hold him in my lap, encourage him to look forward in between sounds, and not give him any tips. She lit up a duck in front of us to get his attention. Then she would talk to him from one side or another. If he turned, she would light up some moving toys. Back to center and repeat. Eventually she was playing very soft sounds from the sides and even though he would sometimes not react, if she waited a second and tried again, he would turn. Once or twice he would actaully try to anticipate the sound and would turn to the other side without any sound. My guess is that they’re used to this.

End result: Alex’s hearing is perfectly normal and unless something happens, we don’t have to have him tested again.

2 thoughts on “Hearing

  1. I knew that would be the result of those tests. Don’t forget when he was little and you asked “What do you have” when you noticed that he picked something up off the floor, he took off at a dead run to the farthest reaches of the house, before reluctantly handing it over!

  2. To be honest, by the time we had the appointment, 6 weeks after we made it, I knew there was no way he was deaf. But to keep the pediatrician happy and to rule out any diminished hearing ability, we went ahead and did it. They whole appt. took less than 20 minutes, and since we arrived early and they were running early, we actaully left the building 3 minutes before our appointment time.