Happy Halloween

OK, so it’s not really Halloween. But for all intents and purposes, Sat was Halloween due to the Bay View tradition of trick-or treating the Sat before Halloween.

Lisa and Greg brought Adrianna. So there were 8 of us in the group this year. Although I warned Lisa that Eric and I dress up, I think she was still taken aback. Eric was a pirate, as always. I was a witch. (No comments from the peanut gallery, please.)

Adrianna wore her butterfly wings. I didn’t end up with a picture of her.

Alex the Power Ranger:

Beth as Princess Sofia:

Jenna the Zombie:

The kids lasted 90 minutes. Which is quite amazing. Fortunately, it wasn’t too cold out, which I think helped with that. Jenna did not go to every house this year. She said next year she’ll still dress up, because we do, but she’ll just walk around. Eric and I both got two pieces of candy for ourselves, from houses that believe that if we dress up, we get candy too. 🙂

Once it was all over, my three kids sat down and started trading candy. Jenna called it to a halt after about 30 minutes when Beth traded her some peanut M&M’s for….. some peanut M&M’s. By that time she had figured out that Beth was trading just for trading’s sake.

Then on Sunday, the kids and I went out again. Since Adrianna came to our Trick-or-Treating, she really wanted Alex and Beth to come to hers. So I drove the kids to Oak Creek at 4pm on Sun while Eric drove Jenna to Madison. They only lasted 45 minutes. Lisa had told me that AJ only lasts about an hour anyway, when she’s on her own. She had hoped she might last longer if she had friends with her. In Bay View, the houses are right on top of each other. In Oak Creek, they’re much further apart. You can hit two to three times as many houses in the same amount of space in Bay View. So more walking for less candy. Plus they had lasted quite a while the previous night. Maybe if the second go-round had been Thu night, they might not have gotten bored with it so quickly.

In the end, both kids have a gallon sized Ziploc bag so full of candy I can’t currently zip them closed! Jenna’s bag was probably about 2/3 full when she left. The kids are going to be on a sugar-high for weeks!

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. The costumes all looked great. Jenna needs someone to teach her how to do her makeup. Her choices make her look dead. Go figure.

  2. What peanut gallery are you referring to? ha ha. The kids looked great and I thought Jenna was supposed to look dead. Glad they had fun and were kept safe. Happy Halloween to you.

    Love, Aunt Lynn