Toddler Bed

Alex finally spent a whole night in his toddler bed. Recently I decided I really needed to start working on this, but I was still worried that he was going to roll out of the bed at night, causing him to be up crying. I was surfing the web for ideas when I came across this bolster-like item that was strapped to a bed. I showed it to mom and she went home and made one for me. It arrived Thursday. That night I put it on the bed, but since we were going to be out most of the night I figured I could try it out for nap time on Friday.

Friday I had an appointment, so I dropped of Alex at daycare for a few hours. I used the extra time to rearrange his room to make it a little safer for him. Moved the dresser in front of the only outlet in the room and removed the changing table. But most importantly, I swapped the location of his crib and his toddler bed. Friday when he came home from daycare it was nap time. I took him upstairs and put him on the toddler bed. He played with the bolster for a minute, then laid right down. So Friday night I was going to do it again. But Alex actually beat me to it. When I said it was time to get in bed, Alex did not head for his crib like usual, but crawled into bed. I know he played a little bit after I left because I had to go back in for something I forgot about 15 minutes later. The bolster was pushed over a bit and Alex was sitting at the end of the bed sucking his thumb. But he was still in bed. I went over and kissed him again and he laid down. Alex is a bit under the weather, so when he wakes up at night right now, he cries. At 3am when I had to go in and calm him down, he was sitting on the bed, bolster right where it was supposed to be.

In the morning, the bolster was exactly where it was supposed to be. But Eric said that Alex was sitting in the rocking chair. Hey, he slept in it. I didn’t really expect him to stay in it, which is why I toddler-proofed his room a little better.

It is now Saturday night and Alex took his nap in the bed and is currently sound asleep in the bed. Maybe next weekend I’ll be able to take apart the crib, much sooner than I expected.

One thought on “Toddler Bed

  1. Glad to know the bolster worked. It could be that moving the bed to the spot he was used to sleeping also helped, too.