Grandpa takes a shower

Yesterday Grandpa (my father) went upstairs to take a shower. A little while later, Eric realized that Alex had followed Grandpa and went up to get him. Sure enough Alex was playing in the bathroom. Eric eventually coaxed Alex out of the bathroom and brought him back downstairs. About ten minutes later, Grandpa opens the bathroom door and yells “Alex”. We were at the bottom of the stairs getting ready to come up to put Alex to bed. I yelled that we were coming up. Grandpa says “Where’s my clothes?”. Alex apparently had run off with Grandpa’s shirt and shorts. I said that we’d look for them. Looked in the hall, no clothes. Looked in Alex’s room, no clothes. Our bedroom door was closed. Looked in our bedroom, no clothes. Grandpa checked under the cupboard in the bathroom where Alex likes to hide Teddy. No clothes. Finally, it struck me. I said, “We should check the hamper”. Sure enough, Alex had taken grandpa’s clothes out of the bathroom and put them into the laundry hamper in his bedroom.

At least he’s neat & tidy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Grandpa takes a shower

  1. Wow! That kid learns fast! It only took Grandma 35 years to train Grandpa to put his clothes in the hamper…