Parent/Teacher Conferences – Alex

Ms. Santos had nothing but good to say about Alex.

The big thing for this conference is the explanation that they are changing the grading system from the traditional letter grade system to a “Standards Based” system. And that they only get 3 report cards per year instead of 4 now.

  • AD – Advanced – Exceeding grade band expectations. We were told the student must be doing work from a higher grade level to be able to receive this grade.
  • PR – Proficiency – Meeting grade band expectations.
  • BA – Basic – Just below grade band expectations.
  • MI – Minimal – Far below grade band expectations.

Ms. Santos says that once things settle down a bit, she’s hoping to get some advanced work for Alex and a few other kids in his class so that he can achieve the Advanced “grade”.

Her only complaint about him is that when she’s teaching something he already understands, he’ll be reading or doing something else instead of paying attention. While she likes that he’s reading, and he is being quiet and not disrupting the class, she does want him to pay attention. 🙂

She talked about a writing project they’re starting and that Alex seems to be enjoying it. Which shocks the heck out of me because last year making him do writing projects was like pulling teeth! But I guess they get to research and write about anything they want to, and Alex says he likes it so far.

She also talked about trying to get some chapter books for him to read because the stuff they have is too easy for him and doesn’t interest him. Which is funny because I just got him some of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books and he’s making his way through those.

She also said that they are staring a program called Odyssey. It has something to do with Math and Reading. The district would like them to have the kids log in for a certain number of minutes each week. The program is tied to their MAP scores so that it starts at a level appropriate to the child and progressively gets harder in order to challenge them. The teacher indicated that it would be difficult to get 27 children on the computers for 60-90 minutes each in a single week when they only have 4 computers in the classroom. They wanted us to sign a form that says we would allow our child to do some of the time at home. Which we did.

3 thoughts on “Parent/Teacher Conferences – Alex

  1. We’re not surprised that Alex still gets bored with some of the lessons. Hopefully the Odyssey program will help.

  2. Alex should be proud of himself! He’s always been quick to learn. It’s good that he’s not disruptive. You already have one little trouble maker to contend with!