Parent/Teacher Conferences – Beth

Ms. Haug is quite impressed with Beth. She showed us the 4K sheet that they do just before conferences, which includes all the stuff they’re supposed to be able to do by the end of the year. Beth did it all, including writing all her capital letters. Ms. Haug didn’t even ask any of the other kids to do that. She was talking about getting the 5K sheet to do during their 2nd assessment. And if she does all that, getting the 1st grade sheet for the 3rd assessment!

She also said she’s going to ask if Beth can take the MAP testing that they don’t normally start doing until 5K. The test they are going to take in a few weeks at the K4 level isn’t going to tell us anything about how she’s progressing. They take the exact same written test at the beginning and end of the year. The MAP tests, however, get progressively harder and harder as the child answers questions, so you get a feel for what they’ve learned.

Apparently Beth’s biggest problem is being the naptime giggles ringleader. 🙂 She apparently does not do well being quiet during naptime and gets the other girls going too.

She also has a habit of calling out answers when it’s not her turn. She’s “helping” her friends. Ms. Haug has explained that Beth needs to wait her turn because she needs to know if her friends know the answers on their own.

Ms. Haug told a story about the music teacher writing a word on the board. Beth read the word and yelled it out. The teacher said, in a very surprised voice, “Well, someone knows that word!”

She also mentioned that she has a computer program that they’ve started working with that she’d like to send home for Beth. It was done by the guy who created the Leapfrog program. It’s called Smarty Ants. I’m also hoping that maybe if Beth is allowed to take the MAP test, then we can get her involved in the Odyssey program as well. (See Alex’s post.)

4 thoughts on “Parent/Teacher Conferences – Beth

  1. We knew K4 wouldn’t be a challenge for Beth. It sounds like the teacher is willing to find more advanced tasks for her, which is good.