Me and my big mouth

So, there we are, two weeks into doing homework with Beth. This is what came home for homework:
(Note my comment and the teacher’s comment)

And this is what came home week 3:


Now we have double the homework, and it is definitely harder! But, on the plus side, while Beth was fighting me a bit the first two weeks because it was just so easy (and boring), she’s not finding it quite so easy anymore. 🙂 And she’s not fighting me so much. I’ve also discovered that doing homework while at the community center for Alex’s tennis class works out very well.

5 thoughts on “Me and my big mouth

  1. Your children are destined to be smart – look at the parents! Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I agree with Aunt Mary Ellen. Parents who are smart tend to have children who are smart also and who think homework is too easy! You are lucky to have such children. Love them and believe they are your blessings!

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  3. Your revenge on your children being smarter than you. (And more stubborn) is when you tell them that someday you hope they have three children just like them!!!!