Grandma babysits

Eric and I took a 6 day vacation to Las Vegas last week. This was our first vacation away from Alex since he was born. We left at 5:15am on Saturday morning and got back at 1:15am on Thursday night/Friday morning. So we didn’t say goodbye to Alex (except at bedtime), nor did he see us come home. My mom flew in to babysit. Mom got here the day before we left and Alex gave her a less than enthusiastic welcome. To be specific, he continued to watch Mickey Mouse and didn’t even look at her. Mom said, “That’s not fair” when the therapist got here a few hours later and Alex greeted her at the door. Of course, she brings a bag of toys with her. (Hint, hint, hint)

So Eric and I left very early and I called home when we got to the hotel. Mom said that she got Alex up that morning and he wandered around for a few minutes, obviously looking for us. But he was fine and finally went to her to ask for milk. They played play-dough, watched Curious George, went to the park twice, and a walk once. Our neighbor, Susan, brought over her 13 month old daughter, Cindy, one night. Six days later, Eric and I finally came home. We slept in the basement the night we got in so Mom would be near Alex (which we did the night we left, too). We came upstairs together to see Alex’s enthusiastic welcome home. He heard us come through the gate, stopped to look at us for a minute, then turned around and crawled into Grandma’s lap. Some welcome!

Mom left this morning. She coaxed Alex into giving her a kiss when she said goodbye. Alex followed us onto the porch and waved bye-bye while we got into the car. I dropped her off at the airport. A few hours later, Alex was playing with Jenna and bumped his head. He started crying. I went towards him and held my arms out to pick him up. He looked at Jenna, looked at me, and started walking towards me. Then he walked right past me and into the kitchen before finally coming back to me. I think he was looking for Grandma. Grandma will be missed.

At least for a few days. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Grandma babysits

  1. Glad you guys got to have a little vacation, and Grandma got some quality time with Alex! Total win-win situation, in my opinion 😉

  2. When I said it wasn’t fair because Alex was much happier to see the therapist than me, and you laughed, I started plotting my revenge. Six short days to brainwash Alex so he likes Grandma as much as Mommy and Daddy. Success!!! (Probably short lived, but I’ll take what I can get.)