Riding Bikes

Yesterday we went to Lisa & Adrianna’s house for a playdate. I took along Alex’s bike and Beth’s tricycle. We were hoping to convince Adrianna to give up her little bike to Beth because she had a new, bigger bike that she is learning to ride. But she kept trying to ride the little bike. We believe it was her security blanket.

So we got out the kids bikes. Adrianna tried to ride the little bike, but was having problems. We suggested that the bike was too small for her and she should try her bigger bike. So she did, and she rode it by herself! We all praised her heavily. Then she said that Beth should try her little bike. Beth didn’t want to because the training wheels were off and stuck to her tricycle. I offered to hold onto her the whole time, but still no luck.

Then Alex tells me to put his bike in the car. He didn’t want to ride it until we took off his training wheels. So I asked Lisa’s husband for some tools to get them off. We warned Alex it might take a little while to learn – that Adrianna has been practicing for a few weeks now. Much to my surprise, he took off on his second try! I was so proud of him!

Since we had the tools out, we put the training wheels back on Adrianna’s little bike. Beth was willing to try it out once we did that. She was a little timid at first, but after about 10 minutes, she was doing better. Adrianna praised Beth. So I asked Adrianna if Beth could take the bike home. She said yes. So when I packed up, into my trunk the bike went.

Not only did I accomplish my mission to acquire a real bike for Beth, we stumbled into taking the training wheels off Alex’s bike. It was a great playdate!

So here’s two videos of the kids riding their bikes:

4 thoughts on “Riding Bikes

  1. I really enjoy these posts. Since I can’t be there to see all that they do I feel like I am there. Thanks!

  2. Now that I have met both children it has been even more special to share each the children’s experiences. Thanks for sharing and good job Alex and Beth,

    Love, Aunt Lynn