Therapy Session #1

We had Alex’s first therapy session on Friday with a very nice lady named Steph. Alex practically accosted her at the door and immediately wanted to get into the toys she brought with her. Despite the fact that he’s been fighting a bad cold, Alex was a good sport. Steph started out by saying that at the same time they work on speech, they also try to teach them some sign language.

First we worked on the concept of “more”. Steph got out a bag of building things (I’ve never seen anything like them, so I won’t describe them). Every time Alex wanted to get another piece out of the bag, she would say, “Do you want more? More?”, and make his hands do the sign for more (tapping fingertips on both hands together). After about 5 times, Alex knew that something had to happen with his hands, so he would hold them out to her so she could make the sign. Then he would get another piece. Once he got tricky and got two pieces out at once.

The other thing we worked on was asking for help. When he had trouble getting pieces together, she would say, “Do you need help? Say, help me. Help me”. This was accompanied by the sign for “me” (patting chest).

He put up with 45 minutes of the session, which was more than she expected and she said he picked up very quickly on the fact that he had to do something to get pieces. We’re supposed to work on these two concepts on our own. Which we will now that Alex seems to be getting over his cold and is in a better mood.

No session this week because of Good Friday and next week I have a previously scheduled appointment, so she’s going to do the session at the daycare.

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