Happy Mothers Day

Today I got three cards and breakfast in bed. Nice way to start the day. I thought I’d share all of my cards. All of the pictures are click-able if you want to see them bigger.

Alex made his at school. The background is a little hard to read, but here’s what it says:
I’ll show my love for you
In a very special way.
If you pick a flower,
I’ll do what it has to say.

Each of the flowers is a cupcake liner that they wrote on and folded. There was hug, kiss, breakfast, help cook, and wash dishes.

Beth made her card at Barb’s, as usual. She did all the writing and drawing herself:



And Eric’s totally cracked me up:

3 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Great cards! Beth’s handwriting has improved a lot. Is the hug and kiss from Alex in front of his friends? Yeah, didn’t think so. We like Eric’s card, too. It is a good one.