And so it begins

So when I dropped Alex off at school this morning, I signed him in and waited for him to hang up his coat and backpack, just like I always do. But he did something unusual. He came over to me and asked if we could “go over there”. “Why? What’s up?”, I asked. He whispered, “I want a hug and kiss”. So we walked away from the gym where the other kids were and I gave him his hug and kiss. He whispered, “I don’t want the other kids to see.” Understanding dawned!

On the plus side, Alex still wants hugs and kisses. But apparently I’ll have to start going down the hall to give them.

That’s OK, sweetheart, Mommy will accommodate for as long as you still want them. 🙂

4 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Take all the hugs and kisses they want to give you. They grow up so fast. I still like all the hugs and kisses I get from my grandchildren and my own children.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  2. Alex did the same thing to me earlier in the week. I totally understand. Any embarrassment saved in front of “the guys”, will and is applied double in front of teachers, staff, principals, and other parents. Dad reserves the right to substitute kisses for licks. 😛