How was your sleep?

Beth’s latest thing is to ask people “How was your sleep?” It’s so cute.

So this morning I asked her how her sleep was.

Beth: “Not good.”
Mommy: “Why was your sleep not good?”
Beth: “Because I had a nightmare.”
Mommy: “Do you want to tell me about it?”
Beth: “No”
Mommy: “Can I do something to make you feel better?”
Beth: “Yes”
Mommy: “What can I do?”
Beth: “Give me a kiss.”
Mommy: “I can do that.”
I gave her a kiss.
Mommy: “Do you feel better now?”
Beth: (smiling) “Yes.”

I wish kisses fixed everything!

2 thoughts on “How was your sleep?

  1. Grandma is right…kisses fixes everything when you are little.

    Love, Aunt Lynn