Teddy takes a bath

I decided tonight to take Alex up for his bath while we waited for Eric to get home from visiting his mom. So at 6:15 I started coaxing Alex upstairs. I got the shower started and his nonstick-mat stuck down and was trying to coax Alex into the bathroom when the phone rang. Knowing that Eric always calls to let me know he’s on his way so I can warm up his dinner, I answered it. Alex wandered into the bathroom while I’m talking, and I followed him. Before I know it, both Teddy and George the turtle have found their way into the bathtub. I quickly rescued Teddy before he took on too much water and was reaching for George when I realized that Alex is diving head-first into the tub – fully clothed. After making sure he was upright (and not about to drown), I burst into laughter while Eric was on the other end of the phone trying to figure out what’s going on. After a brief description, I hung up so I could remedy the situation. George, by this point, had taken on quite a bit of water and is now spending the night in the sink, much to Alex’s dismay. His very waterlogged socks and partially waterlogged pants are keeping George company. Strangely Alex’s shirt stayed dry and I managed to get it off him without too much trouble. Off came his diaper and Alex was free to enjoy his bath.

Teddy was damp but not dripping, so after a good towel-drying, Alex was allowed to take him to bed. Somehow I doubt he would have gone down without him, which is why he got rescued first.

2 thoughts on “Teddy takes a bath

  1. But Mommy, if you want me to take a bath, why can’t my friends take one too? Am I the only one that gets dirty?