Report Card – Alex 1st Grade, Q3

I’ve decided that I need to be more descriptive in the titles of these posts. If I keep posting every report card, there’s going to be oh so many report card posts to wade through!

Alex got his third report card for the year. We had a little confusion with this one. On our way home, he told me he must have gotten a C in something because he didn’t make the honor roll. When I opened it up, I was understandably confused because it was all As and Bs, just like last time. But he was adamant that she didn’t call his name. So the next morning when Eric dropped Alex off at school, he snagged the first teacher he could find to find out the criteria for honor roll. Which Alex met. So that teacher talked to Alex’s teacher and sure enough, he had been missed. He got his ribbon the next day. And by the time I picked him up that night, the posted list was fixed.

3 thoughts on “Report Card – Alex 1st Grade, Q3

  1. Way to go Alex. But we’re not sure you’re related to us. We didn’t get the Honor roll when we were in elementary school.

    We’re very proud of your achievements.

  2. Great job Alex! Your mom and dad must be super proud of you for making all those A’s & B’s.
    Keep up the good work.

    Love, Aunt Lynn