Care Bear Pillows

Before we moved Beth into her own room, Alex had been sleeping in Jenna’s room quite a bit. He told me one night that he “sleeps better on the Care Bear pillow”. So I asked him if he wanted one of his own. And he said yes. I had cross-stitched the Care Bear pillow that he was talking about for Jenna – many, many years ago. So we got the book from Mom and both Alex and Beth picked out a Care Bear. Mom offered to make the pillow covers for me.

So while I was laid-up after my surgery, I cross-stitched two Care Bears. Then I sent them to my mother. Who sent the completed pillow covers back. The kids are very excited!

3 thoughts on “Care Bear Pillows

  1. Wow! Fantastic looking pillows! Almost as good looking as those grandkids of ours!

  2. Really cute pillows and cute kids too! Sleep better Alex I know mom and grandma made the pillow with a lot of love.

    Love Aunt Lynn