Staying at daycare

Well, I’ve always said that it’s better that Alex ignores me when I drop him off at daycare than if he cried uncontrollably as if he didn’t want to be there. Alex is always happy to see Barb. Reassures me that he likes it there and she’s good to him. But you know, your ego takes a hit when it seems that he’d rather stay there than come home with the mother he hasn’t seen all day.

Take today. I get to Barb’s and Alex is too busy playing to even acknowledge me. So I stand and talk to Barb for a few minutes. Then I try to convince Alex that we need to put the toys away and go home. He did help me put a few things away, but then he started taking things out again. Barb said it was OK, she’d pick up. So I did what I’ve done in the past to coax Alex to go home. I went to the door, opened it, and said “Mommy’s leaving, Alex”. He stopped and looked at me. This is the point where normally he will come running. Today he waved good-bye and went back to playing. Whoops. So I had to go pick him up and carry him out. He didn’t exactly thrash about, but he wasn’t a willing participant, either.

But then when we got home, he got very clingy and didn’t want to leave me. I even had to take him into the basement with me to get the chicken out of the freezer for dinner. Fortunately, it was only about 15 minutes of this and he was off playing and I could start cooking. Funny how they want you when you need to be doing something else, but when you have time to sit and play, they have better things to do.

2 thoughts on “Staying at daycare

  1. Shannon, Katie does the same thing to Nikki. While you want your child to be happy at a sitter, it does hurt just a little when they like it a little too much. But if it ever came to push and shove, your child will prefer you. I remember feeling like Bob would NEVER stop clinging to my legs. While I never worked while the kids were that young (and I’m not criticizing any mother who works), I still wished at times that my children would get their own cereal or tie their own shoes. Now I would KILL to have those days back again. Dinner will wait if Alex wants you. Take advantage of those moments. They don’t last forever.
    Love Aunt Mary Ellen