Daddy’s home

So Eric came home on Friday. I had gone to Madison to pick up Jenna earlier in the day, so Alex spent the afternoon at daycare. I picked up Eric at the airport around 4pm and then went back out to get Alex at 5pm, leaving Jenna and Eric at home. When I came in with Alex I put him down on the floor just inside the door. He saw Jenna at her computer and a big smile lit up his face. He started to head towards her. Then Eric said “Hello Alex”, and Alex’s head quickly turned to Daddy sitting in the parlor. Another big smile and then the funniest thing happened. He froze. He was still smiling, but his head was straight ahead and his eyes were rapidly moving back and forth from Daddy to Jenna and back. Then he ran into the kitchen. Guess he couldn’t decide who he wanted to hug, so he opted for a neutral location. Poor thing was overloaded with choices.

One thought on “Daddy’s home

  1. Maybe the poor little guy was just cold and lonely and starving after being abandoned in daycare for soooo long. Seriously, it’s really sweet how much he loves Jenna. He probably didn’t want to upset Daddy by playing favorites and running to Jenna first, so he went to his old standby, the refrigerator!