So I decided to try Beth in another class. For the first time in about a year. She picked Gymnastics. When Alex also decided to pick gymnastics as well, I decided to go with the class through the Milwaukee Rec department that Alex has done in the past. Simply so their classes are back-to-back instead of being on completely different days. And it’s only a 6 week class, so if it turned out to be a problem, we weren’t committed for very long.

Last week was their first class. On the way there, I made a point of telling Beth that she needed to stay in class, not run over to Mommy and Daddy all the time, and do what the teacher told her to do. She did great! And she looked so cute in her leotard! 😉

Alex did fine as well, but he’s an old pro.

I got mostly pictures of Beth, along with one video:

I got one dark picture of Alex, along with a bunch of videos:

Originally we had decided that we would both go every week, but after sitting on those hard bleaches for two hours, we decided that we will now split up, each taking one kid.

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