Drawers are fun

Alex has rediscovered that he can get into the drawers next to the refrigerator. So he spent more than an hour on Saturday evening cleaning out the second drawer from the bottom. I had cooling racks, muffin tins and round cake pans all over my kitchen floor. When he was done, they all went onto the counter to be rinsed before putting them back. So on Sunday when he went back into that drawer, it was still empty. So, unbeknownst to me, he moved to the bottom drawer. I could suddenly hear him playing with a box of plastic spoons and thought, “I should get in there before he dumps those all over the floor”. I go in there and there is Alex, happily sitting in the drawer, shaking the box. Unfortunately, I could not get the camera fast enough to get photographic evidence. By the time I got back, he was in the process of getting out, having spilled the spoons all over the inside of the drawer.

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