The Terrible Twos

Well, it looks like the terrible twos are indeed going to be just that… terrible. I had suspicions of this when Alex threw his first temper tantrum at 6 months old. And yes, they can throw tantrums at that age. But he’s definitely gotten worse since he turned two. Alex is quick to get frustrated, not so quick to calm down. We’re finding that leaving him be calms him down faster than holding him. Unfortunately, he also had a tendency to throw whatever object is frustrating him, usually some hard toy like Mega Blocks that will do damage to someone or something. Then we do have to intervene. He also gets mad at us when we start to put away something he’s not done playing with, like Play-dough. When he’s mad he has this bad habit of flinging himself backwards onto the floor. The resounding thud of his head makes him cry harder. At least when he’s in the kitchen he’s learned to go onto his side and then roll onto his back. But on the carpet he doesn’t, so I guess it doesn’t hurt as much as he tries to make us believe. I think I’m going to set up the Pack-N-Play again so we have someplace to put him where he can’t throw hard objects and can calm himself down. I know he’ll grow out of this, but I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Before he does brain damage to himself.

3 thoughts on “The Terrible Twos

  1. He’s male, they have thick heads! Besides which, you already know that if it really does hurt him, he adjusts his behavior so it doesn’t hurt.
    The pack and play is a really good idea. First, it teaches him if he wants to be free to roam around, he can’t throw things. It also prevents too much attention being focused on him during a tantrum (out of necessity in case he throws something) which would only encourage him next time.
    Second, since it is now a “punishment tool” he won’t be so anxious to crawl into it if you have to put someones’ baby in there. Keeps the baby safe!