Oct 25


And this one made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt! You have to click on this one so you can read both lines! This is so Alex!

Oct 21

Too funny!

Beth to Daddy yesterday, in the middle of a phone conversation with Grandma and Grandpa: Daddy, did you know you were born on your birthday? We couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes!

Oct 13


Conversation between me and Beth this morning: Beth: “Mom, can I have a piece of bacon?” Me: “Did you finish your toast yet?” Beth: “That’s immaterial.” Such a big word for such a little girl! And I totally couldn’t stop … Continue reading

Oct 07

Way to go Alex!

I found this in Alex’s backpack on Friday: We’re so proud of him. He was actually embarrassed by the praise we gave him. Oh well, hope he keeps it up anyway!