Apr 23

How was your sleep?

Beth’s latest thing is to ask people “How was your sleep?” It’s so cute. So this morning I asked her how her sleep was. Beth: “Not good.” Mommy: “Why was your sleep not good?” Beth: “Because I had a nightmare.” … Continue reading

Apr 19


So I decided to try Beth in another class. For the first time in about a year. She picked Gymnastics. When Alex also decided to pick gymnastics as well, I decided to go with the class through the Milwaukee Rec … Continue reading

Apr 06

And a third tooth!

When we started teasing Alex this morning about having to puree all his food if he loses that third loose tooth too quickly, we never imagined the thing would come out today! But sure enough, Eric was at Cousin’s Subs … Continue reading

Apr 01

And another tooth

Alex lost another tooth today. This one has been hanging on by a thread for over a week now. He got it stuck in a marshmallow peep yesterday, which didn’t make him very happy, but it didn’t fall out. Apparently … Continue reading