Sep 17


Yesterday I dressed Beth in a dress. Since it was kinda chilly out, she also had to wear tights for the first time in a long time. I had bought a bunch of them from my co-worker Lisa (from whom … Continue reading

Sep 12

smooth stones

Yesterday, we went to a BBQ at one of Shannon’s co-worker’s house. Tom, and his wife, Laurie, came to one of our copious BBQs this year. They have a 1 year old named Paige, and a nice house north of … Continue reading

Sep 09

Tea recipe

As told to me by Beth. Equipment: –1 tea pot, toddler-sized (lid optional) –1 skillet, toddler-sized –1 whisk, toddler-sized –1 spatula, toddler-sized –1 toddler Start with a pot of crystal clear, imaginary flavored, tea. Pour tea into skillet. Take whisk … Continue reading

Sep 06


Often when I go to the bathroom, Beth will say, “Can I come too?” I’ll say yes, and Beth will follow me into the bathroom. Half the time she will say she needs to go after me. A few days … Continue reading

Sep 03


So this morning we took the kids to the Farmer’s Market down by the lake. We bought what we needed, then bought some breakfast. Since the grass was wet, we walked down a little ways and found a dry patch … Continue reading