Feb 18

No School Today?

I had no trouble getting Alex out of bed this morning. I simply said “Alex, I have a surprise for you. There’s no school today.” Three seconds later that head popped up from the blankets and said “No School?” Three … Continue reading

Feb 18

Uh, Guys?

One of the funniest things that Beth says right now is “Uh, Guys?”. She does it when she’s trying to get our attention. And I don’t know why it cracks us up so much, but it does! The other night … Continue reading

Feb 02

Snow Day!

So today is a snow day for all of us. Although it’s looking like Eric will actually have to work from home rather than have the day off. But me and the kids definitely have the day off. For them … Continue reading

Feb 01


Well, Beth just got the mother of all time-outs (in our house anyway). She got to stay in the pack-n-play the entire time Eric and I were cleaning the crayon off the bottom portion of our 42″ plasma TV. She … Continue reading