Jul 10

Another round of Videos

More random videos: 06/12/2010 – Dancing to Little Einsteins 07/01/2010 – Beth’s Chalk Tower 07/02/2010 – Tackling Alex 07/04/2010 – Fun in the Sprinkler 07/10/2010 – “Waking up” Daddy

Jul 07

To swim?

Last night after dinner I took the kids into the backyard with me to finish setting up the pool. I got into the pool, now filled with about an inch of water to finish trying to make it a circle … Continue reading

Jul 06

Big Day

Several weeks ago we talked to Barb and decided that we would send the kids to daycare yesterday even though we did not have to work. She said it was up to us, and she’d be happy to take them. … Continue reading

Jul 03


Today Alex was eating popcorn. Beth was begging, so Eric got a bowl and gave her some. Then Alex said “I want more popcorn.” Always trying to teach him manners, Eric said “What do you say?”. Alex and Beth both … Continue reading