Jun 28

Party Time

Alex was invited to his first birthday party that was not for one of our friend’s kids. A little girl at playgroup, Autumn, that Alex plays with quite a bit turned four yesterday. Alex got invited to her birthday party. … Continue reading

Jun 11

Update on Beth

Beth definitely does like Little Einsteins. I got a couple of DVDs out of the library to try. She won’t sit and watch for more than about 10 minutes or so, but that’s about 8 minutes more than she watches … Continue reading

Jun 11


In light of the fact that Alex is going to be going to school in the fall, I thought it was time we pushed him to be a little more independent. Alex has never been one for doing for himself … Continue reading

Jun 01


We’re noticing several differences between Alex and Beth when it comes to TV. Beth likes Handy Manny. I think because they often break into song. Curious George totally does not do anything for her, but Alex absolutely loved it. She … Continue reading