May 30

More Miscellaneous Videos

More random videos: 04/04/2010 – A-A-Achoo! 04/24/2010 – Beth’s first steps in hard shoes 05/08/2010 – Alex on Balance Beam 05/08/2010 – Alex on Vault 05/14/2010 – Alex on Swing 05/15/2010 – Alex playing T-Ball in the backyard 05/17/2010 – … Continue reading

May 28

Good Night Mama

Almost every morning that I have to get Alex out of bed, he’s started playing a game with me. I say “Good Morning Alex” and he says “Good Night Mama” (indicating that he wants to stay in bed).This goes on … Continue reading

May 12

Entertaining Beth

I have overheard this conversation between Eric and Alex several times, plus heard about it when I got home: Alex: “Daddy, can you come downstairs and play trains with me?” Eric: “I can’t right now, Alex, I’m entertaining Beth.” Alex … Continue reading

May 11

Falling down x 4!

Beth had a rough evening last night. First she stepped off the sandbox, with three adults standing there, and bumped the back of her head on the wood. After dinner, she was in the living room with Alex and we … Continue reading

May 11

“Mac! Oh Mac!”

Yesterday morning Alex asked me if I knew where Mac was. Mac is his toy trailer truck that he got from Barb for Easter. Me: “I’m sorry honey, I haven’t seen him. You’ll have to look for him.” Alex: “OK.” … Continue reading

May 03


Yesterday we went on our first bike ride as a family. We bought a used bike trailer when I was pregnant with the intentions of buying bikes for me and Eric in the spring. Then I found out you’re not … Continue reading