Mar 18


Beth has started saying “Sure”. At least, from context we’re pretty sure that’s what she’s saying. It sounds rather odd coming from a 13 month old, but I think she’s picked it up from Alex. Although I can’t currently think … Continue reading

Mar 18

Two more Barb’ses

So two nights ago I told Alex that Daddy’s birthday was on Saturday. “Tomorrow?”, he asked. “No”, I said, “It’s on Saturday. You’re going to go to Barb’s three more times and then go to bed and when you wake … Continue reading

Mar 09

One Hundred Kisses

Lately, Alex has been asking for 100 kisses at bedtime. Daddy gives them, Mommy doesn’t. (She cuts him off at 12.) Last night Eric came in to say goodnight to Alex while I was putting him to bed. Daddy asked … Continue reading

Mar 06

She did it!

Beth took her first two unassisted steps just now. Granted, she almost did a face plant afterwards when she missed my outstretched hand, but I caught her with the other hand, so she didn’t actually fall. It will probably be … Continue reading

Mar 01

Go, Go, Go

Yesterday, Jenna was playing a game on the computer. Alex was watching her yelling, “Go, go, go” at her. Next thing I know, there’s Beth, standing next to Jenna and holding onto her chair, saying “Go, go, go”.