Feb 17


So Beth hasn’t been feeling well the last day or so. Monday she woke up from a nap with a slight fever. Barb didn’t call us because we’d be there to pick her up within the hour anyway, and she … Continue reading

Feb 15


The site has been upgraded and includes at least one new feature. Unfortunately, it also no longer auto emails. Bummer.

Feb 12


Last night we prompted Beth to say “Bye” to Olya as we were leaving. And she did! One day last week Barb was prompting her to say “Hi Mama” when I arrived to pick them up, which she did as … Continue reading

Feb 10


Last night Alex suddenly pushed the mouse away from him while playing on the computer and declared “I don’t want to play anymore!” Me: “What’s wrong, Alex?” Alex: “Beff is teasing me!” Me: “Beth is teasing you?!” Alex: “Beff is … Continue reading