Sep 16


Alex had his first swim class last night that was more “Teach them to swim” than “Introduce them to the water”. He did fairly well. He refused to blow bubbles. He isn’t fond of floating on his back, but apparently … Continue reading

Sep 14

Lambeau Leaps

Last night we ‘let’ Alex stay up and ‘watch’ the first half of the Packer Game. In actually, since we usually go upstairs with him around 7:30 and the game started at 7:20, no one wanted to put him to … Continue reading

Sep 10

Yes I am

Two nights ago I was scolding Alex about something. He was grinning up at me. So I said “You’re not cute.” And he looks up at me, smiles all innocently, and says “Yes I am”. Hard to keep scolding in … Continue reading

Sep 01


Beth has said her first word. About two weeks ago, Eric told me that Beth said “Dada”. She, of course, refused to prove it. Last Saturday, Eric told me that she said “Mama”. Again, she wouldn’t prove it. Then on … Continue reading