Jun 21


Today Alex and Eric were playing Luxor, a computer game where you shoot colored balls and try to match three or more of the same color to make them disappear. Alex was sitting on Eric’s lap while Eric played. Eric … Continue reading

Jun 21

He said “Yes”

Lucky, my parents’ dog, was looking at Grandpa yesterday because he wanted to eat. Grandpa looked at him and asked “Are you hungry, do you want food?”, and Lucky barked. Alex looked at Daddy and said “He said yes!”. We … Continue reading

Jun 21

High Bed

Yesterday when I put Alex down for his nap, he didn’t want to sleep on his bed, which is the trundle bed still low to the ground. He wanted to sleep in Jenna’s bed. So he napped in Jenna’s bed. … Continue reading

Jun 16

Training Pants

Alex wore training pants to bed last night. He was complaining that his “diaper scratchy”, so I took off the pullup and put training pants on instead. He liked that. But I warned him not to pee overnight or he … Continue reading

Jun 10


I started Beth on rice cereal last week. She’s been watching us eat lately and seemed interested, so she seemed to be more ready than Alex was at 4 months old. She really didn’t take to it at first, but … Continue reading