May 19


When I picked the kids up today, Barb said to Alex, “Tell Mama the good news, then the bad news”. “I pooped potty”, Alex announced. “You pooped in the potty! Good job!” I exclaimed. Then Barb prompted “And the bad … Continue reading

May 10

Mow the grass

Just a few minutes ago, Alex announced that he wanted to “mow the grass, Daddy, mow the grass”. Of course, this really translates into “you mow the grass and I’ll play”. But they’re outside now. Alex was helping “mow the … Continue reading

May 10


One day a few weeks ago Beth started crying in her crib when both Eric and I were in the middle of something. Eric told Alex to “Go teach Beth to count”. Alex went in, stepped up on the side … Continue reading

May 10


Alex has the cutest pronunciation of Beth’s name: “Bepp”. Who knows how long it will stick around. For all I know, she’ll be 20 and he’ll still be calling her “Bepp”. I found out this morning that he’s also finally … Continue reading

May 10


So I’m a little behind on my blogging. I know I had about 3 stories that I wanted to blog about Alex, but unfortunately, I now only remember one. So Eric left one Sunday, as he usually does, to visit … Continue reading