Jul 31


Last night Alex caught us off-guard. Before I start I’m going to mention a few things: Alex has started calling Eric “Da”. Not “Dada”, not “Daddy”, just “Da”. I don’t know where he picked that up, we certainly don’t use … Continue reading

Jul 29


Barb told me the cutest story when I picked Alex up today. Alex, Logan and Sophia were playing in the sandbox. Logan is 4. Sophia is his 18 month old little sister. Sophia stole her brother’s shovel. Logan did not … Continue reading

Jul 24


So this pregnancy is progressing slightly differently than the last one. There are a few things that are the same. I was very, very tired my first trimester with both babies and drinking water first thing in the morning makes … Continue reading

Jul 11


Because of Alex’s delay in speech, our pediatrician requested that we get his hearing tested, since this can be a cause of delay. “Better to find out now than when he’s 5”. So we scheduled the appointment with Children’s Hospital … Continue reading

Jul 09


Last night when I told Alex it was time for bed, he headed into our bedroom, crawled up into the bed, laid down between our pillows and covered himself up. When I went over there, he looked up at me … Continue reading

Jul 08

Quiet as a Mouse

Alex is just so quiet in the mornings. Take this morning. I decided to go downstairs and get dinner in the slow cooker and start Eric’s coffee before I got Alex out of bed. I did this because he was … Continue reading

Jul 06

4th of July

It’s been a busy week. I think even poor little Alex was wiped out. Last Saturday we went to the Cedarburg strawberry festival, as I posted previously. That was followed by the Thursday night fireworks at the lakefront, 4th of … Continue reading