Jun 30


Alex loves strawberries. We took the kids to the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival on Saturday. There was a lot less strawberry related things there than we were expecting (lots of handcrafted items for sale), but we did buy the strawberries we … Continue reading

Jun 30

Ultrasound #1

I posted the first ultrasound last week, but just realized that I never told anyone it was there. So, for all you blog readers, you’ll get the first tip. I’ll have to send an email later to everyone else, but … Continue reading

Jun 15

Sorta sad

I took apart Alex’s crib yesterday. He’s been sleeping in the toddler bed all week with no problems, so it was time. I’m glad he’s moved on, yet it’s a sign that he’s growing up. His room looks rather large … Continue reading

Jun 07

Toddler Bed

Alex finally spent a whole night in his toddler bed. Recently I decided I really needed to start working on this, but I was still worried that he was going to roll out of the bed at night, causing him … Continue reading