May 20


Alex has started counting. Last night he was sitting on the couch playing with Eric. Alex would cover his eyes and start counting: “Two, Three, Five, Seven, Eight”. And then he’d uncover his eyes and look for Eric (who kept … Continue reading

May 19

Grandpa takes a shower

Yesterday Grandpa (my father) went upstairs to take a shower. A little while later, Eric realized that Alex had followed Grandpa and went up to get him. Sure enough Alex was playing in the bathroom. Eric eventually coaxed Alex out … Continue reading

May 13

Staple removed

Eric took Alex to his pediatrician to get the staple removed yesterday morning. As Eric emailed me: “The staple removal was a snap. Alex just rubbed his head once, and that was it. We could have done it, if we … Continue reading

May 05


I’m going to start this post by saying that Alex is fine. He’s going to recover from this experience far faster than his parents. Alex has developed this tendency towards sitting down and throwing himself backwards onto the floor, clunking … Continue reading