Mar 22


Alex has not been much of a climber. I’ve been waiting since the Pack-N-Play episode for him to start climbing onto everything. But he hasn’t. Until now. Two nights ago he was inside the crib and managed to get his … Continue reading

Mar 20


Alex called me mama yesterday. I know this sounds like a strange statement from the mother of a two year old, but up until now, Alex did not use ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ to mean me and Eric. Those were just … Continue reading

Mar 17

Springtime Walk

Thursday night Olya and I decided to take the kids for a walk in her neighborhood around 8pm. The temperature hit 50 during the day and was still hovering around 45 when we left. So we did the “small” loop, … Continue reading

Mar 11

Darkness strikes

Last night we blew a breaker. We were sitting in Alex’s room getting him ready for bed. Suddenly (for no apparent reason), the lights went out. We quickly determined it was probably the breaker, which we’ve had problems with in … Continue reading

Mar 07

Up / Down

Today I took Alex for a haircut at a place that also has a small gym for kids. After his haircut we went into the gym, which was empty. They had a teeter-totter. Alex wanted on it, so he climbed … Continue reading

Mar 05


Two nights ago Alex helped me get him into his PJs more than usual. Once I got both legs into his sleeper, he reached for the zipper. With me holding the bottom, he was able to zip all the way … Continue reading