Jul 22

At the Beach

Yesterday we took the kids to the Harrington Beach, a state park just off Lake Michigan, north of Milwaukee. This was the first time we took Alex to the beach. The first thing we did was put on sunscreen. After … Continue reading

Jul 16

Running Free

So lying on his back for a diaper change is still not Alex’s favorite place to be, although he has gotten better. I’ve learned that if you don’t let go of his legs, he’s less likely to try and flip … Continue reading

Jul 12


Alex has finally figure out how to go down the steps on his own. A few days ago, he sat on the top step and slid down. Then slid down the next. Just like a child his age should. But … Continue reading

Jul 01

Fun with friends

For the first time, I got to see Alex interact with another child. Usually, when he’s around other kids, he’s doing his thing, and they’re doing theirs. Which, as I understand it, is typical for his age. He may play … Continue reading