Jun 26


We spent last week at my parent’s house in OH. Early in the week, I got Alex to kiss Daddy goodnight. Usually this is a hit-or-miss situation, depending on Alex’s mood. That day he was in the mood to comply. … Continue reading

Jun 09


Alex no longer wants to sit on my lap for his bedtime story. Instead, he squirms down, takes off with the book, sits down on the opposite side of the room and proceeds to page back & forth in the … Continue reading

Jun 05


Alex wanted Daddy to put him to bed tonight. Usually I do it, but sometimes Eric does. So tonight I have him kiss Daddy goodnight, like always, which is starting to evolve into Alex actually trying to kiss Daddy instead … Continue reading

Jun 05


Tonight was bath night. Alex and I went into the bathroom and I started the water running. Typically I turn on the shower for a minute to get the whole tub wet so that his non-skid mat will stick. When … Continue reading

Jun 05

Onto the porch

Alex has finally figured out how to get himself onto the front porch without falling. Our front porch is one step down from the foyer. We’ve had difficulties in the past being able to leave the door open to get … Continue reading

Jun 03

Black Olives

Yesterday we took Jenna to Organ Piper Pizza for her birthday dinner. We were supposed to go for lunch two weeks ago, but Alex kinda nixed that idea by wanting his nap just as we were getting ready to leave. … Continue reading