May 25

MMM – Lunch

Alex must have really enjoyed his lunch today. I fed him “spaghetti rings with franks”. Toward the end of the plate, he started putting rings into his mouth and immediately saying “mmmm’. He did this for about 10 mouthfuls, one … Continue reading

May 16


Alex closed the dishwasher all by himself today. I was unloading dishes while he played with the dishes still in it. When there was nothing left in it, and I was unloading silverware from the rack, Alex closed the door.

May 15

Water Dish

When I picked Alex up from daycare today, I noted to Barb that he was in different shorts. She said, “Yeah, I had to change him because he sat in the dog’s water bowl! He’s never done that before.”

May 12


Last night Alex said something new. We have a toy called Counting Pal, that says numbers or colors when you tap the feet (depending on the mode it’s set to). If you don’t touch it for a minute or so, … Continue reading

May 12


Alex pulled the ribbon off my doorstop today. The doorstop was made by my grandmother. It’s plastic canvas wrapped around a brick. We use it to keep the gate open at the bottom of the stairs when Alex is sleeping. … Continue reading