Jan 25


Alex loves the refrigerator. Loves it so much that we’ve learned to get in and out as quickly as possible. If Alex sees or hears you go into the fridge, he will beeline straight for it as fast as his … Continue reading

Jan 11


Since Alex walked at an early age, it was inevitable the he would start walking backwards at an early age. However, when he did, he seemed to know that he was doing something new & different. He would walk a … Continue reading

Jan 07

Birthday Party

Alex turned one year old today. We had a birthday party. People who attended were: Mommy, Daddy, Jenna, Grandma & Grandpa Bischof, Grandpa Chris, Grandma Allyson, Aunt Gina, Uncle Andy, Susan, Kevin, Sarah and Reese. Unfortunately, Bill, Olya, Damien and … Continue reading