Dec 12

Run Away

Recently, Alex had decided that it is fun to run away from mama. When I go towards him with a bib, that’s his cue to take off. He runs to the opposite side of the dining room table, then stops … Continue reading

Nov 29


My parents have a dog. We went to their house for Thanksgiving. Luckily for Lucky, it was a warm weekend and he was able to stay outside most of the time. Alex took a liking to chasing Lucky around, even … Continue reading

Nov 09

Yellow Ball

Eric and Alex have a new game. Eric holds our slightly under-inflated yellow playground ball (Jenna’s) and bounces it against Alex’s mouth while Alex makes noise. This results in noises similar to when you hum into a fan. They can … Continue reading

Oct 25

Steps are fun!

Alex loves going up the steps. He started doing this just a few short weeks after starting to walk, so he was about 10 months old. Now, going up the steps is something to be done at every opportunity. The … Continue reading

Oct 11

First Steps

Alex took his first unassisted steps today. He’s been “cruising” for a week now, so we knew it was only a matter of time. He’s just over 9 months old.

Sep 28

Daddy Feet

During a visit early in the month, Jenna noticed Alex doing what she called “Daddy Feet”. Alex was sitting in his highchair rotating his feet round and round at the ankle. It’s a habit I’ve noticed Eric doing whenever he’s … Continue reading