Mar 06

She did it!

Beth took her first two unassisted steps just now. Granted, she almost did a face plant afterwards when she missed my outstretched hand, but I caught her with the other hand, so she didn’t actually fall. It will probably be … Continue reading

Feb 12


Last night we prompted Beth to say “Bye” to Olya as we were leaving. And she did! One day last week Barb was prompting her to say “Hi Mama” when I arrived to pick them up, which she did as … Continue reading

Jan 28


Last night Beth was cranky. A combination of no afternoon nap followed by 3 immunization shots, probably. Beth was in Alex’s room with Alex and Eric while I went downstairs to get Alex’s snack. Beth started crying so Alex went … Continue reading

Jan 07

Up the Stairs

On Monday night, Eric called me downstairs for some “Show and Tell”. There was Beth, halfway up the first set of steps. Eric said he suddenly started looking around for Beth and didn’t see her. That’s where he found her. … Continue reading