Jul 11


Because of Alex’s delay in speech, our pediatrician requested that we get his hearing tested, since this can be a cause of delay. “Better to find out now than when he’s 5”. So we scheduled the appointment with Children’s Hospital … Continue reading

May 20


Alex has started counting. Last night he was sitting on the couch playing with Eric. Alex would cover his eyes and start counting: “Two, Three, Five, Seven, Eight”. And then he’d uncover his eyes and look for Eric (who kept … Continue reading

Feb 26


Last Friday we had Alex evaluated by the county’s “Birth to Three” program. The main reason was because he still is not speaking much and our pediatrician wanted us to get him tested while we still have time. The program … Continue reading

May 12


Last night Alex said something new. We have a toy called Counting Pal, that says numbers or colors when you tap the feet (depending on the mode it’s set to). If you don’t touch it for a minute or so, … Continue reading

Apr 27


Last week, Alex finally said his first recognizable work that wasn’t a single syllable said twice (not “Da-Da”, “Ma-Ma”, or “Na-Na”). I was changing his diaper, and Alex was looking at at picture book of animals. I said, “That’s a … Continue reading