Jun 20

On The Move

We finally got the DVD of Beth’s first performance just two days before school ended, which was this past Friday. At which point I discovered my DVD player was broken. Now that I got that replaced, I can now provide … Continue reading

Mar 23

Circus Time!

We took the kids to the circus on Friday, March 7th. They seemed to have a good time. Our seats were three rows back, which surprised me even though I was the one who picked out and bought the tickets. … Continue reading

Dec 20


Yesterday both kids got to go on a 30 minute Limo ride over the lunch-hour at school. They were so excited! It was one of the prizes for the fall fund-raiser, but since I had to split the orders between … Continue reading

Dec 07

That’s my girl!

Today I dropped the kids off for their first of two rehearsals for next Sunday’s Children’s Christmas Program for Sunday School. Her teacher, who happens to be the pastor’s daughter, was so excited to see Beth. She asked Beth to … Continue reading