Jan 21

Unexpected reaction

Sunday evening the kids got to open up their birthday presents from Aunt Leigh & Uncle Dave. Beth opened up her gift from Uncle Dave first and I hear: “O.       M.       G.” Just like that, just the letters, with pauses and everything. … Continue reading

Oct 30

We’re in trouble…

We have started a routine with Beth when we part ways. After saying good-bye, Beth will come running up and say, “Huggy! Kissy!”. I’ll give her an extra hug and kiss and then leave. Shannon has started to help Clement … Continue reading

Sep 12

First Tooth

My baby girl lost her first tooth today. She was so very excited when she discovered it was loose a few weeks ago. She’s been very impatient waiting for it to fall out. Unfortunately, she apparently swallowed it during lunch. … Continue reading

Jul 05


Beth has finally branched out from painting pictures of houses and tree. (She takes after me, that’s about all I attempted to draw as a child.) Yesterday she painted a ladybug. But then she gave it to Angie. I asked … Continue reading