Jul 29


Barb told me the cutest story when I picked Alex up today. Alex, Logan and Sophia were playing in the sandbox. Logan is 4. Sophia is his 18 month old little sister. Sophia stole her brother’s shovel. Logan did not … Continue reading

Mar 20


Alex called me mama yesterday. I know this sounds like a strange statement from the mother of a two year old, but up until now, Alex did not use ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ to mean me and Eric. Those were just … Continue reading

May 15

Water Dish

When I picked Alex up from daycare today, I noted to Barb that he was in different shorts. She said, “Yeah, I had to change him because he sat in the dog’s water bowl! He’s never done that before.”

Jun 22


Rene is the other baby boy at Alex’s daycare. He is 10 days younger than Alex. Barb related this story when I picked up Alex today: Rene and Alex were laying on a blanket. Alex was on his back with … Continue reading